Saturday, March 20, 2010

When enough is finally enough

I'm officially on strike.  For the moment, at least.  Against what horrendous injustice, you ask?

Hospital food, I answer.

Here's today's lunch offering -- meatloaf with tomato gravy, mashed potatoes and sauteed squash.  All foods I love and look forward to making and eating at home.  Even for folks like me with a compromised immune system (hence, a strict "bacteria reduced" diet), it ain't a bad deal.

But I just.  Can't.  Do.  It.  Even.  One.  More.  Time.

And I'm not sure why.  Is it a small way of rebelling against the man for making me be in the hospital for the 11th time in six months on this gorgeous first day of spring?  Surely that's part of it.  Is it that the food is truly inedible?  Not necessarily.  They make some really tasty items around here.  Nothing creative, mind you.  But sometimes pretty decent.  Is it because I'm getting old and only like eating my own cooking?  Wow...wouldn't that suck.

As predictable an eater as I may be (Spaghetti?  Yes, please.) I really can't handle the fact that the menu never changes.  Monday lunch?  Always the same three choices.  Thursday dinner?  Always the same three choices.  You get the idea.

And it definitely all kinda tastes the same.

So as of today I think I'm just plain done.  No more hospital food when I can help it.  And when I have to, I might be invoking my special secret cancer patient privileges and ordering hamburgers and fries off the a la carte menu.

Anybody know if Everybody's Pizza delivers to patient rooms?  And do you have the number?


  1. Mark, I'm telling you, this is your chance. Grab that damn IV pole and roll on down to the kitchen and take CHARGE! Actually, your lunch looks like what I'll prolly have for dinner tonight at Colonnade ... hurry up and get better so you can join us. Love, Jimmy

  2. Great post Mark! I don't blame the strike. Maybe there is a way to get involved on a tasty healthy hospital menu. I know if anyone, you'd be able to do it. Love you!

  3. we love you!
    seth, liz and haley, buster and kaycee xoxo